Buried In Barstow Part 2: Unveiling the Sequel's Release, Cast, and Plot Details (2024)

The enthralling narrative of "Buried In Barstow" unfolds with captivating intensity, heralding a mesmerizing sequel that fans across the globe eagerly await. Crafted under the astute direction of Howard Deutch and Hiro Koda, this American action thriller drama, a prodigious creation for Lifetime, grips its audience with a tale that balances the tumultuous life of a single mother, Hazel King, against her fervent quest to shield her daughter from a perilous past.

Plot Summary:

In its inaugural installment, the narrative delves into Hazel King's resilient efforts to protect her daughter, Joy King, against the shadows of her own haunted history. The gripping conclusion of the first chapter left viewers on a precipice, pondering the fate of the protagonists. Hazel, entangled in a web of danger, faced an assailant's wrath, leaving audiences yearning for resolution.

Release Date & Anticipations:

The initial offering of "Buried In Barstow" debuted on June 4th, 2022, leaving an indelible mark with its cliffhanger ending. The sequel, a much-anticipated continuum, holds promise for an intensified narrative. While an official release date for "Buried In Barstow Part 2" remains undisclosed, the echoes of a forthcoming saga reverberate within enthusiast circles.

Cast Ensemble:

The ensemble cast, adorned with stellar talents, features Angie Harmon, Kristoffer Polaha, and an array of accomplished actors whose performances infused the narrative with depth and intrigue. With seasoned actors like Timothy Granaderos, Bruce McGill, and a cadre of additional talents, the sequel promises a captivating portrayal of complex characters.

Plot Expectations & Potential Unveilings:

The sequel holds the key to unlocking unresolved mysteries and promises an immersive exploration of the aftermath of Hazel's tumultuous encounter. Anticipation swirls around pivotal questions: Will Hazel survive the assailant's attack? What fate befalls Javier after his abduction? Will Joy find her path amid the chaos that envelops her family?

Anticipated Revelations & Unexplored Territories:

The sequel's canvas offers a spectrum of unexplored narratives, poised to delve deeper into Hazel's enigmatic past, the precarious underworld she sought to leave behind, and the intricate tapestry of relationships that weave through the story. The potential introduction of new characters augurs heightened suspense and unforeseen twists, amplifying the thrill for devoted fans.


The forthcoming installment of "Buried In Barstow" stands poised to redefine the boundaries of action-thriller dramas, promising a riveting continuum of an already captivating storyline. As fans await the revelations and resolutions that Part 2 promises to unveil, the anticipation for this sequel intensifies, beckoning viewers into a realm where suspense, danger, and unanticipated outcomes converge.

Buried In Barstow Part 2: Unveiling the Sequel's Release, Cast, and Plot Details (2024)


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