Neuro Oncology Medical Director - AdventHealth Orlando in Orlando, FL for AdventHealth Cancer Institute (2024)


Posted: 08-Apr-24

Location: Orlando, Florida

Type: Full Time




AdventHealth Cancer Institute (AHCI) based in Orlando, Florida, is looking for a dynamic leader to serve as Medical Director of our Neuro-Oncology program. This experienced, innovative, and energetic leader will help grow our program and manage neuro-oncology patients in our busy, high-volume practice (we have over 100 gliomas per year). The practice includes a dedicated social worker and dedicated chemotherapy nurse, with multiple satellites for chemo infusion at various locations. AHCI also has a Gamma Knife, stereotactic radiosurgery, Laser Interstitial Thermal Therapy, and an extensive, statewide radiation oncology program, including a CNS-trained radiation oncologist.

Ideal Medical Director Skills and Expertise include:

  • Minimum of eight years of experience post-Fellowship training
  • Neurology Residency with Neuro-Oncology Fellowship or Heme/Onc boarded with Neuro-Oncology Fellowship (UCNS eligible or boarded)
  • A “thought leader” in the area of Neuro-Oncology
  • Published in peer-reviewed journals, book chapters
  • Experience in providing clinical education/training in area of specialty
  • Experience in implementing and participating in cancer clinical trials
  • Ability to encourage physician collaboration between employed and private practice physicians

Practice Description

This practice is a part of AdventHealth Medical Group. AHMG is a sister organization of AdventHealth which employs 900+ physicians in 60+ specialties. This aligned model and practice management experience provides the opportunity for the physicians to focus on the clinical aspects of medicine. This employment opportunity includes the benefits of call coverage and competitive compensation with incentives. Other benefits include occurrence-based malpractice coverage, paid leave days, CME days and allowance, 403b retirement plan, health insurance for physician and family, and relocation allowance.

Client Description

A Team of ExpertsDedicated to You

AtAdventHealth Cancer Institute, the oncology program is dedicated to providing patients with the latest cancer treatments and technologies, along with an elite group of sub-specialty physician practices.

We offer a wide range of clinical trials, giving our patients access to cutting-edge cancer treatment options that are not widely available. In addition to advanced medical treatment, patients have access to spiritual and psychological support, educational programs, and specially trained health navigators who help patients through their personalized course of treatment.

Hospital Description

AdventHealth Orlando is an internationally renowned hospital that specializes in life-saving medical treatments, preventative care and pioneering research. Our healing network includes 30 hospitals and more than 100 extended service locations across the state of Florida. Everything we do is designed to fulfill our ultimate goal — to help people live a healthier, fuller life in mind, body and spirit.

AdventHealth Orlando is our 1,364 bed tertiary facility with close to 160 ICU beds. It is at the center ofnine other hospitals around the greater Orlando area, which total approximately 3,000 beds. AdventHealth operates many hospitals across nine different states; 30 of which are in Florida. Our mission has remained the same and isto Extend the Healing Ministry of Christ.

Since 1908, AdventHealth Orlando has cared for the Central Florida community as well as patients from around the world. AdventHealth Orlando is an acute-care, tertiary hospital caring for approximately 300,000 patients a year. As the primary campus for more than 1,000 physicians, AdventHealth Orlando is home to nationally recognized Centers of Excellence for Cancer, Cardiology, Children, Diabetes, Neuroscience, Orthopaedics, and Abdominal and Cardiothoracic Transplant.

AdventHealth Orlando was named a 2023-2024 Best Hospital by the magazineU.S. News & World Report. The hospital was ranked No. 1 in the Orlando metro area, and No. 2 in the state. It is the 13th year in a row AdventHealth Orlando has claimed the top spot in Orlando. In addition, the hospital was ranked among the top 50 in the nation for four medical specialties: cancer; diabetes and endocrinology; neurology and neurosurgery; and obstetrics and gynecology.

Community Description

AdventHealth is conveniently close to many gorgeous homes, downtown urban living, shopping, and great schools. As one of the most visited American cities, Orlando has world-class attractions including Universal Studios, Walt Disney World, and easy access to both coasts for numerous world renown beaches. Orlando is home to major league soccer (Orlando City Lions), NBA basketball (Orlando Magic) as well as University of Central Florida sports. The city also has many public and private universities and colleges. The Dr. Phillips Center for Performing Arts hosts variety of musical and theatrical performances throughout the year.

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About AdventHealth Cancer Institute

Your Success Stories Help Tell OursUS News and World Report Badge for CancerTop 4% in the Nation for Cancer CareGood news travels fast, from our prestigious accreditations and patient outcomes that exceed the national average, to our ranking as one of America’s best cancer hospitals from US News & World Report. It’s why cancer patients who want to be treated as more than “patients” choose AdventHealth Cancer Institute — because we’re known for whole-person care that’s as much about healing hearts and spirits, as it is about healing your body.Personalized Patient NavigationYou’re never alone. And you’ll always know what’s next. Your Nurse Navigator will coordinate every detail of your care, from setting up each appointment to helping you understand what to expect before, during, and after your treatments.Whole-Person Cancer CareWe know the pain and exhaustion is more than physical. It’s why our top-ranked cancer program is designed to support your body, mind and spirit, through our pampering patient spa, cancer-fighting nutrition programs, spirit-boosting support groups, and more.

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Neuro Oncology Medical Director - AdventHealth Orlando in Orlando, FL for AdventHealth Cancer Institute (2024)


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